Raglan Shirts    Raglan shirts are made using 4 seams on the shoulders with diagonal stitching, which runs from each armhole to the neck. This provides an extra 3-4 inches of movement for your arms. The body length is reduced by sewing in a dart at the lower back, pulling in excess fabric, and eliminating excess material while providing ease over your hips. Raglan sleeve shirts are made with large armholes and sleeves to allow your arms maximum movement. Another style of these shirts is the all-in-one raglan. It features a wide neckline and raglan sleeves, which fall longer at the back than it does on the front, providing comfort for when you're reaching up or stretching out.

What are Raglan shirts made of?

We make them from 100% cotton sourced from the right places. The cotton goes through a rigorous process of selection. After that, it is processed for faulty pieces to be sure that you get premium quality shirts only. At our facility,  we use the latest technology in the market to screen print and discharge. This ensures that no color fastness problems will arise when you wash your shirt in a machine. Once we have the material, we add our own twists and design so they look unique from what people wear every day.

Custom Raglan Shirts 

You can even go for custom shirts. That's what makes us different from other companies selling them. We offer these tees that are customized to any specifications. You can choose your size, preferred neckline, sleeve length, and design by specifying the details on our website We also make custom t-shirts for big brands who want to make a statement. Normally, businesses tend to opt for that because ordering them instead of making them yourself saves not only time but also money. 

Elegant set-in sleeves 

A set-in sleeve is a type of sleeve construction, where the bodice and sleeves are made as one piece. This differs from other types of sleeve construction such as drop sleeves where the bodice and sleeves are cut separately and sewn together.

Double-stitched neck and hems  

The double stitching at the neck and hems of our shirts ensures great longevity so you get value for every penny. We use a super-strong thread and a high stitch count, which prevents the thread from breaking when you put it on. After every wash, the stitches don't tear away so you can continue wearing them for a long time.

What are they great for? 

These shirts are ideal to be worn when the customers are around their mates or at a casual party because of their breathability and comfort. This is a go-to shirt in most wardrobes today because it makes people feel comfortable. That’s even if they're going out on a Saturday night with their friends. This is the type of shirt that will make your clothes look perfect without trying too hard.

Expect quality and comfort 

We make sure that every raglan tee we sell is comfortable to wear. We also make sure that it's of premium quality because we want our customers to get value for their money. It has excellent colorfastness compared with other products in the market. This ensures that your shirt's color won't fade easily even after many washes. Our designs are unique and trendy; we love pushing boundaries!

Why buy raglan shirts from us?

Like many distributors and suppliers out there, we also offer these shirts. However, our prices are competitive despite the fact that we don't compromise on the quality. 

We offer wholesale prices

Buying these shirts at wholesale prices offer a lot of benefits: You save money You get the advantage of buying in bulk to enjoy lower prices for each shirt. If you purchase 1 raglan tee and compare it with our wholesale price, you'll find out that we offer a lot of savings. You can sell them at your shop or online store If you own a shop, then we'll give you an attractive deal on these shirts if you're planning to resell them during occasions such as promos or sales. Also, if you have an online store and want raglan t-shirts, our wholesale prices will enable you to generate more profits from your business because clothes have high markups compared with other products even if their price is low.   
  1. We also offer drop shipping
Dropshipping is a great way of doing business because you don't need to keep large quantities of stock. You can sell these shirts or any other product we offer and we'll email your customers directly on your behalf after they've made their purchases. After that, we ship the products to them and you get paid. It's easy and quite efficient if you're running an online shop and want to make more sales in less time.

We give priority to our clients 

Our priority is always our clients' satisfaction because, at akapparel.com, customer service comes first. We help to improve your bottom line through discounts when buying wholesale, drop shipping services, excellent designs, fast delivery for customized products, no minimum order requirement, and many more.

We become a part of your supply chain easily 

For a business, nothing is more important than receiving their bulk orders on time. We understand that and that's why we've simplified our process to incorporate it into your supply chain.   Why wait? Get started now! You can start your clothing business with us by accessing our catalog and choosing what you think your customers will love. We have a wide array of styles to choose from – no matter what size or color you want, we can provide them with customized designs. Ordering is easy and the best part is that our wholesale prices are competitive. We care for you which is why we're here to help ensure your online business remains profitable. Here's how you can order:
  • Choose the category or product
  • Fill the form given with accurate information 
  • Wait for our quote 
  • Decide on the price and wait for us to deliver your products 
  • If you're ready to experience a wholesome business with us, follow the steps now to order Raglan shirts!